sign and shine


sign and Shine is one of the leading digital media advertising companies in Sri Lanka. We are pioneering novel concepts in LED media such as infinity LED Ceilings and mirrors in Sri Lanka. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you get ahead in the digital advertising game. Since we are also based in sri lankan and the fact that we are ranked #1 as Codeways Company,  sign  and shine  contacted us and we were very excited to undertake this project.

We used the following Skills and Technologies to Design and Develop This Website:

  • Technology: Wordpress Open Source Content Management System(CMS)
  • Graphic Editing: Adobe Photoshop /  Adobe Illustrator
  • Script Language: PHP 5 / HTML / Customised Core Files
  • Solutions: Portfolio Showcase Solutions for Artist
  • Styling: CSS
  • Integration: jQuery
  • SEO Optimisation: Google / Bing / Yahoo / Ask

Website, Logo Design and Development in Codeways

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